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Required Computer Knowledge 

Students are required to have a prerequisite level of computer knowledge and familiarity in order to be successful in the CGA program of professional studies. Students are not expected to be experts, but they are expected to know how to perform common and frequently used functions, including the following:


  • Use Windows Explorer or Computer to navigate to any specified folder on any fixed or removable drive on your system
  • Perform basic file management including: creating/deleting folders; copying, moving or deleting files; and changing folder view settings to see appropriate file information
  • Close or disable all applications running in the background, and how to ensure these are not running
  • Install and uninstall software
  • Perform Windows Updates
  • Check if System Restore is turned on
  • Verify language, date and time format settings
  • Adjust screen resolution
  • Use the snipping tool accessory to capture a screen image
Microsoft Office
  • Use the Help menu within an application to find a solution to a problem and learn how to use the application’s functions and features
  • Use Copy/Cut, Paste and Paste Special
  • Word
    • Format paragraphs
    • Use tables
    • Use bullets and numbering
    • Use tabs and rulers, adjust margins, etc.
    • Save in different file formats
  • Excel
    • Enter formulae and text using relative and absolute referencing to other cells
    • Format cells
    • Replicate cells
    • Display/print formulas
  • PowerPoint
    • Print multiple handouts per page
  • Download and save files from the Internet to your computer
  • E-mail attachments and save attachments received in e-mail messages
  • Change settings for cookies and popup blocker
  • Open web pages in new browser tabs or windows
  • Clear Internet Explorer browsing history and cache

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