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Sony Xperia X vs Samsung Galaxy S7: which has the better camera!

Remember how back in the old days people took pictures of their dinner, brought the film to Wallgreens to have it developed, then sent dozens of copies to their friends over the mail? No, of course you don't because nobody was crazy enough to bother. Then smartphones came along, and all of a sudden, we started sharing more than just food photos. We now document every major and not-so-major event – be it a birthday party, an exercise routine, or the act of walking the dog in the morning – all accompanied by the appropriate #hashtags, of course. This is why camera quality is of utmost importance to most smartphone buyers. This is also why we do camera comparisons all the time.

The Sony Xperia X is now the star of another camera comparison. On its back resides one of its key stand-out features – a 23MP camera with super-fast autofocus and extra-wide lens. In the opposite corner, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be standing its ground with its 12MP shooter. Samsung's flagship is known for its excellent camera and image quality, but who knows, perhaps the Xperia X might give it a run for its money. That's what we're here to find out.

Here's an overview of what these two phones have to offer in terms of camera specs:

Camera Specs
Sony Xperia XSamsung Galaxy S7
Resolution and
aspect ratio
23MP @ 4:3
5520 x 4140 pixels
12MP @ 4:3
4032 x 3024 pixels
Sensor and
pixel size
1.12 μm
1.4 μm
Focal length
and aperture
24 mm
26 mm
Focus and
Phase detection AF
Object tracking
Optical stabilization
Dual Pixel AF
Object tracking (off by default)
Optical stabilization

It should be noted that while Xperia X boasts a 23MP camera sensor, we've taken the photos at 8MP of resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. This is the default shooting mode set on the device and the one most people are likely to use. Also, the slide-over galleries used below contain cropped-scaled down photos for easier general comparison. The original, full-resolution photos can be found in a gallery at the very bottom of this article. With all of this cleared up, let us comment on some photos.

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