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Best Keyboard for apple iOS

The default iOS keyboard is great. It really is, don't get us wrong. With the introduction of Quick Type in iOS 8, the stock Apple keyboard became much more, well, understanding and smart. Gone was the erratic and unpredictable autocorrect, humorous as its suggestion might have been at times, and in its place was implemented the more intelligent and convenient three-predictions system that we know and love today. However, iOS 8 saw not only the maturing of Apple's stock touch keyboard, but also the introduction of third-party alternatives to the Apple App Store, which was a big change for the platform. Now, two years later and a few short weeks before the unveiling of iOS 10, we have decided to take a look at the best third-party keyboards for iOS.

The best keyboard that i think it is best is 

Swift key

download it from here     (click here for download

free app 

Swiftkey is an immensely popular keyboard on Android and one of the best, in our opinion, so we weren't the least big surprised when it popped up in Apple's App Store as well.

It offers clever predictions, easy and convenient language switching and a myriad of options to customize your typing experience and the design of the keyboard.

Swiftkey's Flow feature allows users to type by sliding their finger across the keys, rather then tapping each one individually, and some folks have gotten so used to this method that they swear they could never go back to regular ol' typing (we've got a few of them here *ahem*).

Only thing we'd like to see make its way to the iOS version of SwiftKey, is the mighty fine clipboard that can be found on its Android counterpart.

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