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Buy Apple iPhone 7 Launch Soon in India on Amazon/ Flipkart – Sept 2016

Buy online Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone from Flipkart / Amazon soon in September 2016 – A new concept of Apple Mobile Phone
There is a good news for Apple fans as those who are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new concept of Apple called iPhone 7. Most probably iPhone 7 will be launch in a few months with the latest iOS version. It is expected to get released in the second week of September. Rumors have started spreading as the date of release is approaching nearer. The phone is speculated to have virtual touch screen by use of LEDs and photodiodes. Whenever a user will bring the phone closer to their face, the display of the phone will dim reducing the trouble caused due to dazzling light.
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Buy Apple iPhone 7 Amazon/ Flipkart- Launch Soon in September 2016, Powerful, Sleekest and Superior to Previous Apple Phones

The users of the iPhone7 will be able to type on the device without actually touching the screen. This is a great evolution in the field of Smartphone. This iPhone will support Bluetooth for using headphones. The thickness of the phone is expected to be of 6mm. It will be a waterproof and dustproof mobile phone. It will use the metal frame but not Aluminum making it a lighter one. It will have increased resolution than its previous version Apple 6s and 6s plus. The Phone is going to have 3D touch.
The increased sensor size and aperture will give an improved performance even in dim light. The increased focal length and 4 K and 1080 p footage could be captured with one lens focusing on slow motion video during its shoot. It is going to be the most powerful phone in the world.
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The iPhone 7 will be made available to the customers at the same price as its existing model iPhone 6s with minor fluctuation.

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