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If You Use SwiftKey Keyboard, Beware! Your Email-ID, Phone No. May Be Shared With Strangers

Recently, Many users of SwiftKey, a trending third-party keyboard app among both Android and iOS users, reported that they were able to see random phone nos & Email-IDs in their keypad’s suggestions box. By random, it suggests that the details of users which showed up in people’s keyboard suggestion were the ones they didn’t even have in their address/phone book in the first place. However, SwiftKey has recognized the bug now and is working to fix the problem. Though, SwiftKey reveals that the bug does not pose any sort of security threat to its users.

SwiftKey thinks that this problem has been caused by a bug in the keyboard’s synchronization feature itself, that keeps personal information of users updated between various devices. In the meanwhile, SwiftKey has also turned off the cloud sync service & updated its applications to remove Email-IDs' predictions. Until This whole problem is permanently fixed, users will not be able to back up their SwiftKey language model.

As mentioned earlier, many users on various web forums pointed out an unexpected prediction wherein unfamiliar terms as well as email addresses were appearing while using the SwiftKey keyboard app. This issue started becoming quite common among SwiftKey users. Many users even took to social media to report this keypad bug. 
Reddit user revealed, “Today my galaxy s6 finally went out of warranty. So I rooted it and installed the XtreStoLite rom. Then I restored all my apps from the play store. I logged into SwiftKey with Google+. And now, I’m getting someone else’s German predictions with only English(uk) pack installed. I have never typed German in my entire life…I also was suggested an email id in an email field. It’s bad enough to lose a trilingual dictionary built over almost 4 years. Now I’m also worrying about someone getting all my suggestions.”

Another user on the forum wrote reacting to the post above, “Holy s**t… I had to factory reset my note 4 a few days ago and I found it weird when I reinstalled SwiftKey that it was giving me Spanish suggestions. After seeing your post I just went to the Gmail login id field and I saw someone else’s email as a suggestion!”

These're some of the comments which the frustrated users give after encountering the bug. Thought, SwiftKey Developer have got hands to it & are trying to fix the problem! 

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