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PokeVision is dead but Smart Poke and Skiplagged are two Pokemon Go

This past weekend, Pokemon Go developer Niantic brought a major update to the insanely popular Nintendo-licenced game. Although Niantic introduced a range of changes, such as the removal of the three-step icon and the tinkering various other elements, the Pokemon Go community is still trying to recover from the developer's decision to shut down third-party Pokemon Go maps such as PokeVision. As it turns out, however, at least a couple of PokeVision alternatives are already up and running. 

First up is Smart Poke v2, an app that essentially provides the same kind of functionality as PokeVision. The home screen is a map detailing Pokemon locations.

Tapping a certain Pokemon in the Smart Poke map will bring up details such as the rarity of the creature, how much time you've got until it despawns, and the distance that separates the trainer and the Pokemon. Another cool feature of Smart Poke is that the app can launch a notification when it detects a rare Pokemon nearby. One notable drawback is that the app is only available for Android devices. 

If you don't have an Android phone or you'd prefer a browser-based Pokemon Go map instead, check out Skiplagged's PokeVision alternative. Accessible from the browser, this map provides usual details such as the location of nearby creatures and how much time remains until a certain Pokemon disappears. 

Users can also filter Pokemon based on rarity and even prevent non-interesting creatures from clogging up the map. Unfortunately, the Skiplagged Pokemon Go map isn't the most optimized mobile experience. On the upside, an Android app is already available and the developers are also working on the iOS version as well. 

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