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Refreshed Samsung Gear VR can be pre-ordered now from Amazon; headset ships August 19th

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 equipped with a Type-C USB port, Samsung's latest high-end phablet is not compatible with the original Samsung Gear VR headset. The latter requires a miniUSB port to work. So the manufacturer went back to the drawing board, and redesigned the Gear VR to allow it to work with both ports. In addition, the field-of-view was increased on the VR headset to 101 degrees from 96 degrees, and the touch panel was redesigned.

The refreshed Samsung Galaxy VR Gear can now be pre-ordered from Amazon. The headset will be released on August 19th, a week from today. That happens to match the launch date for the Galaxy Note 7. $99.99 will reserve you the product, and that includes free shipping. The device is compatible with theSamsung Galaxy Note 7Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeSamsung Galaxy Note 5Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.

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