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Use 2 SIM cards in an iPhone. Make your iPhone dual SIM.

For all those work loaded iPhone users who carry a second handset to work since iPhone is a single SIM device, In this post we are going to tell you how you can convert your iPhone into a dual SIM device. Which means, you will be able to use 2 SIM cards in one iPhone.How Cool is that?

Use 2 SIM cards in iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is a single Nano SIM device, which means people who own 2 SIM cards for work will have to carry a separate device operate the second SIM. Here we introduce to you, a Dual SIM device for the Apple iPhone. What this device does is that it enables you to use another secondary SIM card on your Apple iPhone by inserting it in it’s SIM slot. The device stays connected with your iPhone via Bluetooth. So basically now, you will be able to use 2 SIM cards together.


  • This device only supports GSM (2G) SIM card. CDMA (3G) and 4G SIM will not work on this device.
  • You can not use mobile data from the second SIM running on this device. The device only supports calls and SMS’s for now.

How it works?

  • Just insert your secondary SIM card into the Micro SIM slot provided to you in the device. (It’s a Micro SIM slot. So please do keep in mind that this device supports a Micro SIM card, rather than a Nano SIM card like in the usual iPhone’s SIM slot)
  • After inserting the Micro SIM, turn on the device by long pressing on this power button right here. The LED blinker will start blinking once it turns on.
  • In the iPhone, download this application called “MoreCard” from the AppStore. You’ll get it there for free.
  • Once the app is installed, open it up. It will ask you to register with either your email ID or Mobile number.
  • You will receive a verification code via email or SMS. Enter this code into the app and your account will get verified and registered instantly.

  • Now go to the devices option and then turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone.
  • Now search for nearby devices. It will show the Dual SIM device.(Do make sure that the device is switched on and charged up)
  • Now connect the device once it shows up on the list.

How to make calls?

  • To make calls, just tap on the call option shown in the app. It will open up the dialer for you.
  • Type in a number or choose one from your contacts. The call will be sent through, showing the signal strength above.

So here you have it. Your iPhone has literally been converted into a dual SIM smartphone. You can now make calls, receive calls, send and receive text messages through your second SIM, all with the help of this little device and MoreCard app.

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