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How to enable YouTube Dark Mode ?

YouTube is evolving day by day thanks to its regular updates, improvements in performance and stability, bug fixes and some pretty interesting features. Perhaps the reason why it has become one of the most visited websites in the world today. One such interesting feature of YouTube that needs to be talked about is its “Dark mode” feature. It’s a secret feature, so many of you might not be aware of this. So this post is to brief you guys about this YouTube “Dark mode” feature.

YouTube Dark mode feature

What is this “Dark mode” feature?

There’s nothing too complicated about this. The “Dark mode” is simply a “Night mode” version of YouTube. Enabling it turns the light surfaces of the page dark, creating an ideal night time experience for viewers. Hence, it would allow you to surf through YouTube without straining your eyes when staying up late at night. This secret mode though, appears to be available solely on the latest update versions of Google Chrome (version 57 and above). So make sure your Chrome browser is updated to any of these versions.

How to activate “Dark mode”?

  • Open the Chrome browser, and then the developer tools tab.

  1. Windows users can do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I.
  2. Mac users can do this by pressing Option + Cmd + I.

  • Now Select the Console tab.
  • Once you enter the Console, paste the following text:

  • Hit enter.
  • Now Close the developer tools tab and refresh the page.
NOTE: YouTube might look slightly different after these changes are saved, though still in white.
  • Click the main settings menu on the top right and find the ‘Dark Mode’ section.
  • Toggle ‘Dark Mode’ on and that’s it.

Now head to YouTube and you’ll see that the entire UI of the page has become dark, creating a night mode type effect while surfing through YouTube when the lights go off. Once the Dark mode is enabled, it seems to automatically apply to the remainder of the website, including the homepage and the dedicated channel pages.

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