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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Install iOS 11 Right Now

1. No Jailbreak

If your device is currently jailbroken, then updating to iOS 11 beta means that you’ll lose your jailbreak and stay in an unjailbroken state for a long time. Even if you plan to downgrade later on, you can go back to iOS 10.3.2 only, which currently doesn’t have any jailbreaks available. As for the iOS 11 beta jailbreak, there’s no chance that hackers will release a jailbreak for this firmware as Apple would quickly find the exploits and fix them before the public version is released. Therefore, if your device is jailbroken, the best thing to do is to stay on your current firmware and avoid installing iOS 11 beta at all costs.

These are five of the drawbacks you should consider before updating to iOS 11. If you don’t want to face the problems that have been mentioned here, then it would be best that you avoid installing iOS 11 beta and wait until Apple rolls out the public version later this year, which will definitely be in better shape than the developer beta version available today.

2. Lack of Support

If you update to iOS 11 beta and face issues, not many people will be able to help. Searching for a solution on the internet might not yield many helpful answers. And app developers as well as Apple Support experts won’t be able to offer much help other than recommending that you should wait for the next beta update, or downgrade back to iOS 10.3.2.

3. Bugs and Stability Issues

As is the case with beta firmwares, they can cause unexpected issues, such as slow down your iPhone, lag or reboot randomly, crash the springboard, etc. It can become annoying when issues start to pop up in the middle of important work, such as a phone call. Beta versions are meant for development and testing purposes. This is why iOS 11 beta is available to developers only so that they can test the firmware and report any issues that are available. The beta stage lasts for three to six months during which Apple fixes as many problems as possible before releasing the firmware to the public.

4. Incompatible Apps

One of the biggest drawbacks of installing iOS 11 beta is that many third-party apps aren’t compatible yet. For example, Citi’s mobile banking app will crash immediately upon launch in the current developer beta of iOS 11. Apple released iOS 11 beta to developers so that they can fix issues and update their apps for the new firmware. Even if developers are done with updating their apps for iOS 11, they won’t be able to release it until Apple rolls out iOS 11 Golden Master, which will happen some time in September this year.

5. Optimization Issues

Since iOS 11 is in beta, it won’t be as efficient as the final version that will be released in September. The beta stage allows Apple to track and collect information on bugs and crash issues, which might have an impact on performance. If you update to iOS 11 beta, don’t be surprised if your battery dies quickly.

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