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How to Install MIUI 9 Beta on Your Xiaomi Device

Recently, Xiaomi announced the much awaited MIUI 9 update for its Redmi and Mi smartphones & tablets. Well, the MIUI 9 update has been one of the most awaited announcements, and it brings about tons of new features and modifications. While the stable release is still a couple of months away, Xiaomi has released the first developer beta of the MIUI 9 to its beta testers. If you are one of the lucky ones to have been selected but are confused on how to proceed with testing out the latest MIUI update, then fret not, as we bring to you our guide on how to install MIUI 9 Beta on your Xiaomi device:

Note: At the time of this article’s writing, the MIUI 9 Beta is only available as a Closed Beta for the Mi 6 and the Redmi Note 4. In the coming weeks, the Open Beta will be made available to the general public, with support for more devices to be added as well. The guide for them, however, will still remain the same.

Install MIUI 9 Via OTA Update

1. First, make sure you’re selected as a member of the MIUI Beta Team – China and logged into your Xiaomi device with the same User ID.
2. Now, open the “Updater” app on your Mi 6 or Redmi Note 4 and tap on “Check for updates”. You should now be getting an update for the “MIUI 9 Lightning fast” version. Simply tap the “Update” option.
3. Now sit back and enjoy while the system downloads the update package. Upon successful download, you’ll be prompted to restart the device. Once you’re done restarting, your device should have the latest MIUI 9 Beta.

Install MIUI 9 Using XiaoMiFlash On PC

Note: To install MIUI 9 on your Xiaomi device using XiaoMiFlash tool, you need to have a bootloader unlocked device. 
1. First, download the latest version of the XiaoMiFlash tool for your PC, available for free, from here and install it.
2. Once you’ve installed the flash tool, turn off your Xiaomi device. Then, press theVol Down and Power button together to enter the fastboot mode on your device. Once in the fastboot mode, hook up your device to your PC.
3. Now, download the MIUI 9 Beta ROM file for your device from here, and extractit.
4. Once you’ve extracted the ROM, open the MiFlash tool, and click on the “Select”option. A new window will ope up. Here, simply browse to the folder where you extracted all the MIUI 9 ROM files, and select the “images” folder.
5. Now, click on the “refresh” button. If your device is listed, then you’re good to go. If not, make sure that the device has been properly connected and you have the fastboot drivers installed.

6. Additionally, in the bottom-right, you can select amongst clean all, save user data, and clean all and lock options. The “clean all” option will format the storage and make your device brand new. The “save user data” will just format the /system partition, thus preserving your user saved content. Finally, the “clean all and lock” option will format the storage, remove all the data, and additionally lock the bootloader.
7. Once you’ve finalized your preferences, tap on the “flash” button in the top-right. The MiFlash tool will proceed to flash the ROM according to your set options. Once the bar next to your device turns green, you can disconnect your device.
8. And that’s it. Reboot your device to enjoy MIUI 9 Beta on your device.

Install the MIUI 9 Beta on Your Redmi or Mi Device

If you’re one the lucky ones to have been selected in the Beta testing group, the above guide should suffice to help you in installing the MIUI 9 Beta ROM on your device. If you haven’t been selected, well, don’t lose hope yet. Xiaomi has announced that it will be announcing its new batch of testers in the next few coming days, so keep your fingers crossed. Tell us if you’ve been selected for the Beta Testing team, and share with us your favorite features of the MIUI 9 in the comments section below.

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